More publication news!  My 10-minute play I, Carpenter is set to be published by Playscripts, Inc.  The play was first developed at EST in 2006 under the tutelage of Founding Artistic Director, Curt Dempster and received continued support in The Playwrights’ Continuum and The Writers’ Forum at Manhattan Source in 2010 before being produced there as part of the 2011 InGenius Short Play Festival.  The rave review at called I, Carpenter the “most powerful piece of the evening…a modest but gripping piece”  that “treats the lives of working-class Americans with a truthfulness that is all too lacking in contemporary theatre.”  Directed by the insanely talented Leah Bonvissuto and starrring Michael Selkirk, whose performance as the title character was nothing less than masterful.  Wonderful Lighting and Sound Design byKia Rogers and Jay Spriggs, respectively.  Huge thanks to Matthew Conlon, Jason Howard, Timothy McDonough, John Watts and James Lawson for their invaluable contributions and support.

Dedicated to the memory Curt Dempster (1935-2007) whose deceptively simple advice, “go deeper” has instructed me in all facets of playwriting and acting.








Photo: John Watts


‘I, Carpenter’ to be published by PLAYSCRIPTS, INC.

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